Truck Accident Lawyer in Colombo

"I need a truck accident lawyer in Colombo to recover compensation for my medical bills and pain. Too many times, clients come to us seeking our legal expertise only to be dismayed by the insurance company's attitude and lack of interest. The hard truth is that most insurance companies are only interested in paying you as little as possible unless you are willing to give them nothing. My experience with the insurance company has left me with low morale and anger. That is why I need the truck accident injury lawyers in Colombo to stand up for me and help me receive fair compensation from the other party. I am willing to work with anyone to ensure that I receive the maximum amount of compensation possible for my injuries."

Jane W. said that she has been receiving threatening phone calls from her insurance adjuster ever since she met with an automobile accident on Christmas Eve while shopping at a local mall. She was playing golf when the accident occurred. She suffered a broken arm, whiplash, and back pain. Her family doctor prescribed her pain medication, but it did not ease her pain. She finally decided to consult a truck accident lawyer in Colombo that could help her. The accident lawyer offered her a no-win-no-fee consultation, which meant she would not need to pay any fees if she lost the case.

Jane came to visit the truck accident lawyer in Colombo in January. The lawyer was cordial and professional. He was well-acquainted with the legal system in Sri Lanka and was able to understand and interpret the legal process and its requirements. He immediately called her parents to update them on the progress of the case. He explained that the insurance company had agreed to compensate for Jane's losses as they were bound by law to do so.

After several days, Jane and her parents were still hopeful of winning the case. A week after visiting the truck accident lawyer in Colombo, her mother received a call from their lawyer informing her that the case had been accepted. Their lives had been turned upside down by what they had done! Their attorney had offered to defend them and pay their costs, but now the matter was out of their hands and they had to face the music alone.

Jane's parents decided to move back to the United States. The experience of dealing with their accident lawyer made them rethink their agreement with the truck accident lawyer in Colombo. The lawyer in India offered them a settlement, but they refused to accept it. Instead, they started to search for another attorney who could handle their case properly. They were helped by a person who had previously worked with them in a different situation and knew their work ethic and willingness to fight for the compensation they needed. Discover more about the most reliable Truck Accident Lawyer in Colombo solutions here.

Within a month of the accident, the parents of Jane and her husband settled their case with their first accident lawyer. Shortly thereafter, her husband was hospitalized and required specialized care. Their second attorney was assigned to the case. It took a few more months, but finally, the accident was settled and Jane and her family received the settlement they had been hoping for. Kindly visit this website for more useful reference:

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